Deluxe Printable Self-Care Art Bundle



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If you are thinking of learning a new craft or two, but scared that it takes too much of your time to get started, this Deluxe Bundle is for you!

Before you dive right into the actual learning of arts and crafts, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to:

~ Have planned-for-you printables that you can use and keep track of your self-care routine right away.

~ Plan out the beauty and fitness schedule ahead of time.

~ Have fun coloring and solving word search puzzles. It will help release stress and take your mind off of daily chores.

~ Plus a special bonus: Printable Pack Scrapbook Layouts Pastel (Just print out and use!)

The best part is that this beautiful and practical binder is an instant downloadable item! No more waiting for the delivery nor going out to get the supplies!

The Deluxe Printable Self-Care Art Bundle will help you:

  • Learn how to explore creativity inside you
  • Learn how to express yourself without judgment through these specially curated printables
  • Learn more about yourself from the outside-in by using the Beauty Self-Care Planner and the 12-Week Fitness Self-Care Digital planner.
  • Discover and understand yourself through writing things down in the Be A Better Me Planner. Likewise, when you feel great about yourself inside, it’ll also reflect on your look on the outside.


You’ll receive a zipped folder consisting of 6 PDF files:

Deluxe Printable Self-Care Art Bundle | Beauty self care planner printable pdf |
  • Suggestions to practice self-care when you have no idea what that is
  • Skin profile for you to record your skin condition as having flawless skin is everyone’s dream
  • Jot down a skincare routine and treatment
  • Cultivate good habits tracker


1 Front cover page
1 Belongs to page
1 30 ways to practice self-care page
1 More self-care ideas page
1 My self-care ideas blank page to fill in your own
1 My skin profile page
1 Am-pm routine page
1 Weekly treatment page
1 Stress reduction page
1 Skincare wishlist page
12 Habit tracker pages (Jan-Dec)
Total 22 pages, PDF file

Deluxe Printable Self-Care Art Bundle | 12 week fitness self care digital planner | Fitness digital planner printable |

This is the perfect planner if you are always too busy to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Everyone has a different body shape. Instead of following what the mass media says about the perfect body type and shape, listen to your own body needs. Plan your routine, meals, seek professional/medical help if needed, etc. The most important thing is to be happy and healthy along the way!


1 Front cover page
1 Belongs to page
1 Truth check page
1 Goals page
1 Measurements page
1 Journey chart page
12 Weekly plan pages
12 Weekly review pages
84 Daily plan pages
3 Weekly habit tracker pages
1 Monthly steps tracker page


1 Progress chart page
1 Pounds lost page
1 Kilos lost page
1 Meal menu page
12 Meal planner pages
12 My food journal pages
2 Grocery list pages
24 Recipe blank pages
1 Photo log page
4 Notes pages
Total 178 pages, PDF file

Deluxe Printable Self-Care Art Bundle | Be a better me planner printable |

As the name suggests in this planner – Be a better me – use it to freely write down your plans, your goals, your dreams, your vision, your ideas, etc.


1 Front cover page
1 Belongs to page
14 Quotes page
12 Monthly undated pages (Jan-Dec)
1 Monthly focus page
2 Daily focus page
2 Notes page
Total 33 pages, PDF file

Deluxe Printable Self-Care Art Bundle | Uplifting words puzzles | Words search puzzle printable |

Are you having too much on your plate no matter how hard you try to make all things work out?

Print out a copy of the Uplifting Words Puzzles, and have fun solving the puzzles! Let those magical positive words fill your mind!


1 Front cover page
7 Words puzzles pages
2 Solutions pages
Total 10 pages, PDF file

Deluxe Printable Self-Care Art Bundle | Happy moment coloring pages for adults |

Start the day by appreciating the beautiful plants and winding down the day by learning! You can color the pages on your own or with your children!


1 Front cover page
15 different coloring pages
Total 16 pages, PDF file

Deluxe Printable Self-Care Art Bundle | Printable pack scrapbook layouts pastel | Crafts printable |

The Printable Pack Scrapbook Layouts Pastel is a special gift when purchasing this bundle.


10 different pages of scrapbook layout
Total 10 pages, PDF file

Gentle Reminder:
– This is a digital item only.
– No physical product will be shipped.
– These digital files are for personal use only. 
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